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The Essington School is dedicated to being a leader in education, cultivating exceptional thinkers, and preparing our learners to lead with purpose in the world beyond. Our facilities – academic, sport, co-curricular activities, including health and wellbeing – encourage students to lead and learn together.

At The Essington School we turn your generous support into action by funding project opportunities and advancing our master plan. Together, we can make a difference to the lives of current and future students and assist Essington in achieving its purpose to provide an exceptional education for all learners.

Since the school’s inception in 1988, The Essington School has benefitted from the generous support of our community, working together to achieve many milestones. Each stage of growth in our history has been marked by extraordinary generosity. This culture of giving was the driving force in the establishment of the buildings and library fund. We seek your continued support with the current and future priorities through the provision of world-class programmes, resources, and facility enhancements intentional by design and developmentally appropriate.

On this page you will learn about the many opportunities to give across the school. These projects will change over time based on our strategic vision and operational needs. We thank you in advance for your ongoing support of our school and making a difference for each community member.


The Essington School has a vision for the future; we are excited and committed to making our master plan a reality. We want to build on our strengths, enhance our learner experiences, extend our programmes, and create the best environment for our students and staff to thrive.

Support from our community allows us to accelerate our vision.

Our learners experience

At The Essington School, everyone is a learner. We invite all learners to engage with others to achieve their personal best. Within our diverse community, learners have access to high quality staff, engaging learning spaces, resources and challenging programs. Both inside and outside the classroom, our programs support all learners’ emotional, social, and cognitive development.

Our dedicated staff

Our team of dedicated staff are the heart of our vibrant community. They provide high quality learning experiences for each student daily. Supporting The Essington School means that we can continue to recruit and retain the highest quality professionals.

Learning spaces

We want to ensure that our learners have facilities and environments that foster inquiry, stimulate creativity and innovation, encourage safe risk taking, and ignite a love of learning.


1. Supporting outstanding learning spaces

Your support will help provide our students and community an outstanding environment to support the academic and interdisciplinary vision. The building fund provides for the maintenance and development of current infrastructure and the development of new learning facilities.

2. Outdoor Play, every day!

The Essington School preschool is inspired by the Montessori philosophy. Developed by Maria Montessori, the key principles are Independence, Observation, Following the Child, Correcting the Child, Prepared Environment and Absorbent Mind. Your support will help enhance the outdoor learning environments at the Preschool and Bidjipidji programs.

3. Sponsoring an auditorium seat

All seating in the auditorium is being replaced over the upcoming holidays. For $500, people can ‘buy’ a seat in the Auditorium. To acknowledge their contribution, The Essington School will feature their name on a plaque on one of the new seats.

4. Supporting recreational activities and spaces

Encouraging fun, social activity, and healthy competition before, during, and after school continues to be a focus. We know that positive relationships are a key factor in the well-being of all community members.

You can help expand our resources by contributing to the purchase of indoor/outdoor soft furnishings and outdoor activities, including table tennis tables.

5. General giving

If you would like to support the school, but have no preference for which project your money is allocated, you can make a general giving donation.


All donations are tax deductible.

To make a one-off donation to the building fund, click on the blue “Support …” button below your project of interest and use the SchoolEasyPay online form to make your donation. Please provide the full name you would like on your tax receipt in the “Your Name” field. The Family/Debtor ID field is not required by us so you can enter any text in this field to complete the form.

For recurring or matching donations please contact us by email on


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Online Donation Security

The Essington School cares about the safety and security of your online transactions. The Essington School cannot see and does not store any credit card information on our systems. Our online payment provider SchoolEasyPay meets the highest industry standards for cardholder data security.

Lets hear from our generous families.

The Williams family joined The Essington School in 2018. They have 1 child. As donors, we asked the Williams' to reflect on their experiences as The Essington School parents and how this impacts why they continue to give back to the school.

The Williams Family

  • Why did you choose The Essington School?
    • "The values the school holds and the reputation it has in Darwin made us choose Essington."
  • How has your experience at The Essington School impacted your family?
    • "Our Essington experience has been positive to our child's learning."
  • What don’t people know about The Essington School that you think is important to share?
    • "The academic achievements is important to highlight to the community as well as the values of learning and support of the children."
  • Why is it important to you to support The Essington School with your time and philanthropy?
    • "We recognise that the school has large expenditures and government cuts. The support from external sources, like our contribution ensures that infrastructure/additions to learning is above the expected standard. Ensuring the children are in the best environment possible."
  • What inspired you to make this gift?
    • "We have spent time in the outdoor covered area by canteen where children have lunch and whereoutdoor BBQs are held for both parents and families. In the wet season there was no air flow and not a comfortable area. We wanted to contribute to improve that area with multiple fans to improve the experience for students and parents/families."
The Williams' donated new fans in the canteen space
The Williams donated new fans in the canteen space

Anonymous Family

  • Why did you choose The Essington School?
    • "Felt it was the best."
  • How has your experience at The Essington School impacted your family?
    • "All positive."
  • What don’t people know about The Essington School that you think is important to share?
    • "The tremendous unity in the community."
  • Why is it important to you to support The Essington School with your time and philanthropy?
    • "It is good to help where and when you can."
  • What inspired you to make this gift?
    • "My passion to support community."