Physical Education at Essington

We encourage active participation in Health and Physical Education.

School Sport NT, which provides quality sporting programs for the region, runs Interschool sports competitions and Gala Days that encourage friendly competition.

Essington has a proud history of sporting success and the school has been represented in athletics, basketball, soccer, netball, Australian Rules Football, touch football, rugby league, cricket, cross country, tennis, volleyball, swimming, gymnastics, hockey and more. Throughout the year, the school conducts house carnivals in swimming and athletics.

House Sports

Throughout the year our House Sports League of around 50 events sees our students compete in year-level competitions in a variety of sports. Sports such as netball, basketball, European Handball, volleyball, soccer, and hockey are modified to suit the year-level ability and create a positive and empowering environment.

These events are designed to introduce competition and build the foundation of respect, inclusiveness, and kindness we hope to see continue throughout the growth of each child. By offering such a variety of sports we aim to build on the uniqueness of each child as we ensure that there is an opportunity for every child to thrive.

With an emphasis placed on these values we create a responsibility for each child by allowing extra house points to be earnt through displays of sportsmanship and resilience.


In addition to the House Sports League students in years 4 to 12 participate in House Sport Carnivals. Our carnivals are one-day events in Athletics, Swimming and Cross Country each of which see sub schools attend and compete in houses and age-groups in a variety of events.

These events provide a pathway for participation and for further development as high achieving students can then be entered to represent our school in the Darwin Region School Sport competition for each of the three events. 

School Sports

Inter-school competitions are available from year 4 and upwards. These competitions are organised by School Sport NT who invite schools from with the Darwin Region to compete against each other in a variety of sports.

Within a school year there can be over 20 opportunities to represent The Essington School in such competitions which see students spend one-day at a local venue competing against other schools in sports such as volleyball, soccer, netball, basketball and tennis.

By competing in these events students can earn the opportunity to represent the Northern Territory in inter-state competitions.

ZONE Events

ZONE events are an extension to school carnivals, they see the top-performing students compete against those from other schools within the region in Athletics, Swimming and Cross Country.

Students who perform well at ZONE may be offered the opportunity to represent the Northern Territory at inter-state events in the three mentioned sports.

Sports Conditioning Program

In Year 9 students who are high achieving in sports have the opportunity to participate in a small group conditioning program. The program sees students complete research-based training protocols whilst gathering a basic understanding of training principles and exercise physiology.

Programs that can be expected are not limited to, Maximal Aerobic Speed Training and Strength and Power Development.