Wellbeing Support

Providing a high-quality student wellbeing program is a high priority.

As a student progresses through their learning journey, there is a strong focus on age appropriate health and wellbeing programs. Pastoral care partners include Headspace and Beyond Blue, with the Be You program, Life Education's Healthy Harold, Territory Families, The Rite Journey and more. The development of mindfulness, bullying and harassment awareness and personal safety skills are embedded into the curriculum and into the Wellbeing activities.

We utilise data from the Resilient Youth Survey to monitor student wellbeing and to ensure students are supported through our programs. Open communication with teachers and peers is encouraged. Mentor and Homeroom Teachers provide wellbeing assistance to students and assist individual students to be connected to Essington, to review their academic progress, assist with study skills and organisation, and provide subject choice and career pathways information.

In addition to our dedicated wellbeing coordinators, who provide programs to support wellbeing, we have a resident School Counsellor providing additional assistance to students and families when required.