Our Governance

Essington was built for the community, by the community.

Essington is a parent-led, independent, and co-educational school offering quality education from Pre-School to Year 12. As a foundation philosophy, Essington was established to give control of the School to parents. However, this does not mean that parents “own” the School and they do not have any specific rights as owners in a formal sense. Parents are, however, the most important constituency in ensuring that the School remains true to its purpose. Parent members are the moral owners of the School, exercising moral ownership through the Constitution. 

The Essington School Constitution includes a requirement that every family who enrols a student in the School nominates one parent to be a member of the Company.  This membership elects the Board of Directors to govern the school on their behalf. In turn, the Board represents the interests of parents through oversight of the School. The Board has the legal responsibilities and, as importantly, the ethical duty to meet the expectation of those on whose behalf the School exists – the parents.

The Board is responsible for the overall governance of the School, setting strategic direction and reviewing plans and budgets established by school management. The role of the Board is governance, not the management and day to day operations of the School, which are delegated to the Principal.

Directors have a variety of skills relevant to their governance role. They apply their expertise to ensure that Essington is governed wisely. The Board meets on a regular basis throughout the year.