Why Choose Essington?

Discover why Essington is the school of choice for Darwin families.

Families choose The Essington School for our adaptive learning philosophy, the quality of our educators, and our comprehensive focus on student wellbeing and outstanding academic results in the NAPLAN and NTCET tests. Essington consistently delivers results well above the national average, alongside core enrichment programs to help students develop their goals.

At Essington, we believe every student is capable of successful learning. Students are encouraged within a supportive learning environment to share their unique perspectives on learning, teaching, and schooling which helps them to be better engage in the classroom, school, and community. Our students are empowered to be original thinkers and take ownership and responsibility in shaping their own education by asking questions, sharing ideas and opinions, negotiating learning goals and contributing as student leaders.

In building a culture of mutual trust and support among teachers, leaders, and parents, we establish a learning environment that is safe, respectful, tolerant, and inclusive.

My little girl started here and has been happy and learned through play. She is an incredible reader and loves it. She knows her numbers she knows her letters, she is just thriving and i thank the teachers who care and create such a lovely learning environment. The school is committed to continuous improvement and i am extremely happy with what we have experienced. We have been given information sessions about how to help our children learn the way they are teaching, we have timetables and are always in contact with the teacher. Really happy. Thanks team.

— Georgia, Essington Parent