Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have additional questions about The Essington School?

What is your school philosophy or vision?

Powered by the pioneering spirit of the Northern Territory, our vision is to create an inspiring environment that fuels creativity and imagination, motivates students to be the best they can be and where everyone can belong.

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What curriculum do you use?

The Essington School delivers both the Australian Curriculum and SACE (South Australian Certificate of Education). We also utilise elements from the Cambridge Curriculum, to provide our students with a global perspective and opportunity for extension activities. 

In our Early Years program, a Modern Montessori inspired learning approach is delivered to students in Preschool, Pre-Transition, and our Long Day Care.

Out of School Hours Care (OSHC) and Holiday Care are user pay services offered by The Essington School to accommodate busy families. OSHC is a supervised program for students from Transition to Year 7. The program operates from 2.25pm to 5.30pm on each day of the school term. Before School Care is also offered at no charge from Monday to Friday during school term between 7.30am to 8.00am. The Holiday Care program operates during school term breaks from 7.30am to 5:30pm for students from Transition and above.

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What are your class sizes and student-to-teacher ratios?

At Essington, our ideal class size is between 22-24 students, with a maximum of 26. By capping the number of students in each class, our teachers can dedicate their attention to a smaller cohort of children, allowing them to work closely with each child and provide a robust collaborative learning environment.

How much is tuition and what does it include?

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Do you offer school bus transportation?

The Northern Territory Government provides a complimentary bus service to all schools through the service provider Buslink.

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Do you have a school sports team?

The Northern Territory offers a variety of sports for school aged children through community Sports Club programs. Interschool sports competitions are offered to students by School Sport NT commencing in Year 4. In addition, one Gala Day per sport is held annually.

Essington is proud to send a strong representative team to each carnival and has experienced great success over many years.

Upon enrolment we can recommend local sporting clubs to best suit the interests of your family.

What are your teachers’ qualifications and what professional development opportunities are available to them?

Our teachers are registered with the Northern Territory Teacher Registration Board and hold undergraduate and postgraduate qualifications from universities both nationally and internationally. Our teachers are supported and encouraged to attain higher professional qualifications. This breadth of experience enriches our school community with innovation and creativity from across the globe.

We provide our staff with regular personal and professional development opportunities that support our staff in building their personal capacity and our teaching and learning programs.

Our professional learning opportunities are designed to educate our staff in the legislative requirements of the teaching profession and in response to contemporary practice.

How do you integrate technology into the classroom and curriculum?

We believe in equipping our students with 21st century skills to best prepare them for the world beyond Essington. The integration of technology within our teaching and learning programs is designed to enhance and broaden student learning. 

Students have access to a range of technology options that are carefully selected to meet the explicit purpose of the learning outcomes, encouraging a global perspective, and providing deep engagement in shaping how our digital natives learn. In Years 7 to 9, students are encouraged to bring their own device to school for use within the classroom environment. Students who do not wish to bring their own device, or who do not have capacity to do so have access to laptops which can be borrowed during class time.

How do you measure individual achievement and progress?

At Essington we believe that every child is on their own individual learning journey. Core content is taught as per the Australian Curriculum with emphasis on exploring higher order thinking and developing a 21st century skill set. A range of summative and formative assessment methods are used to monitor both individual and collective progress, informing the direction of the learning program moving forward. At Essington we encourage individual goal setting to work towards and attain personal and academic goals.

What is student life like?

Our student culture is underpinned by our values of Respect, Inclusiveness, Kindness, Responsibility and Uniqueness. Every member of the Essington community understands the collective rights and responsibilities of being a member. Our students are committed learners who work within an engaging and calm environment. School spirit and student engagement is key to feeling a connection to what it means to belong to the Essington family. Experiencing involvement and enjoyment within our school day is key to positive student life.

How to order uniforms and textbooks?

To find out more how to order uniforms and textbooks and to view the current stationary lists follow below links.

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How can the school assist Defence families?

Defence families are a very important and dynamic part of The Essington School and we warmly welcome students from Defence families into our school. Essington has a Defence School Mentor (DSM) who provides support to the children of Defence families. The role of the DSM is to support students and their families from the beginning of their Essington journey, right through until the end.

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How can parents get involved in school life?

Parent involvement in their child’s education is imperative to a child’s success – academically, socially, and emotionally. We rely on input from parents to inform us of the needs of the child and we encourage parents to continue a dialogue with us. Essington is a parent-led school. All parents have a voice and we encourage their engagement.

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How is your school operated and governed?

The Essington School is a parent-led, independent, and co-educational school. The Essington School Constitution requires that every family with an enrolled student at the School must nominate one parent to be a member of the Company. This membership elects the Board of Directors to govern the school on their behalf. The Board is responsible for overall governance of the School, while the management and day to day operations are delegated to the Principal.

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