Creative and Performing Arts at Essington

Fostering creativity through our performing and visual arts programs. 

We have a range of performing and visual arts subjects taught as part of the curriculum, as specialist subjects and as co-curricular and extra-curricular options.

Dance at Essington

A variety of dance genres are offered and delivered by specialist teachers and tutors. Drama students explore the world of theatre including public performance opportunities.

Creative Arts programs at Essington

Media at Essington

The school's media department has a proud history of producing award-winning short films and also gives students the opportunity to study film, animation, photography, graphic design, radio and podcasting.

Media programs at Essington

Music at Essington

Musicians can choose from a wide range of instruments, including string, wind, keyboard, brass, as well as vocal technique, and choir. Our programs cover musicianship, theory, and performance. Music students may also sit examinations for Trinity College London and the Australian Music Examinations Board. 

The Essington Instrumental Music Program (IMP) provides the opportunity to receive instrumental and vocal tuition during the school day or after hours on campus (subject to availability).

Music programs at Essington