Our Purpose, Vision and Values

Essington’s strategic pillars help guide us in all that we do.

Essington's Purpose

At Essington, we are guided by local expertise and global thinking. We exist by design to deliver inspiring education to families, to build connection within the community and to prepare our students with purpose for the world beyond.

It's the Essington way!

Essington's Vision

Powered by the pioneering spirit of the Northern Territory, our mission is to create an inspiring environment that fuels creativity and imagination, motivates students to be the best that they can be and where everyone can belong.

Essington's Values


We are considerate and actively recognise the needs of others, modelling respectful behaviour for all. We value achievement, effort and appreciate a passion for learning.



Diversity is celebrated within our vibrant Essington family, where everyone belongs. We are committed to bringing people and cultures together within our inclusive environment, facilitating connection with the wider community.



At the heart of our caring school there is warmth and a generosity of spirit shown to everyone.



We are responsible individuals, accountable for ourselves and our actions. We believe in being courageous and dependable. This means keeping our promises.



Our learning philosophy is fuelled by creativity and imagination. With a reputation for innovation and as pioneers at heart, we celebrate individuality and uniqueness.