Junior School (K-6)

Fuelling creativity and imagination in Essington's Junior School.

Recognising that each student has their own unique way of thinking and learning, our teachers present their lessons in a variety of ways both in the classroom and beyond. They are committed to providing an engaging and challenging learning program that truly caters for individual needs of each and every learner.

Within the classroom we encourage our students to engage fully in their learning journey. We provide opportunities for students to identify how they learn best and how they can contribute to the learning of others. Small group focus work assists teachers target the learning needs of each and every student, identifying opportunities to complement and support the learner's strengths and capabilities.

Junior School Philosophy

The Junior School commences in our Preschool program that has been developed based upon the strong foundations of Modern Montessori inspired educational programs. Applying an extended and differentiated curriculum model from Pre-Transition to Year 6 we truly cater for the individual learner.

Our experienced staff, many of whom are long-term Territorians, ensure local expertise is valued and the culture of the school remains strong. Our staff have been trained both nationally and internationally. This enriches our staff community, school community and learning programs with experience, innovation and creativity from across the globe.

This consistency and commitment to excellence has always and continues to be the advantage of the Junior School program.