Senior School Curriculum

The Senior School curriculum allows for flexible learning options.

Prospective students are welcome to commence at Essington at one of the staged entry points throughout the entire school year.

We pride ourselves on supporting all learners through the challenges of Senior School and we understand there can be immense pressure on students to perform well academically. We believe all students should have the best chance at quality education so we provide multidisciplinary learning options. This approach builds on the strengths of the student and their learning style.

Some of our most rewarding achievements have been to take a struggling student on a journey where they develop self-confidence and self-discipline with underlying support for their wellbeing. With the journey resulting in the student being awarded their Northern Territory Certificate of Education & Training (NTCET) qualification. 

Core Curriculum and Specialist Subjects

Essington's curriculum requires an English subject must be completed in First Year and Second Year at the Senior School. In addition, First Year students must select from the following subjects (subjects on offer may vary slightly depending on demand):

  • Creative Arts
      • Dance
      • Drama
      • Music
      • Visual Arts
  • Health and Physical Education
      • Child Studies
      • Health and Wellbeing
      • Outdoor Education
      • Physical Education
  • Science
      • Chemistry
      • Physics
      • Biology

Remaining credits and specialist subjects can be chosen from a range of elective options, which may include:

  • Accounting
  • Economics
  • Legal Studies
  • Media
  • Modern History
  • Additional Science or Physical Education subjects.

Student Leadership in the Senior School

Students at The Essington School are encouraged to adopt leadership positions. 

These voluntary positions are an opportunity for our students to develop their self-confidence in public roles. Student leaders develop skills in organisation, management, mentoring and liaison. Through these leadership programs we have seen students become role models and mentors to other students in the Essington community.

Our students show respect for each other's individuality, and throughout the application process for leadership positions the students show each other compassion, support and encouragement. The leadership opportunities available to students include:

  • School Captains and Vice Captains (Third Year)
  • Student Representative Council (SRC)
  • House Captains
  • The Duke of Edinburgh's International Award