Junior School Curriculum

Essington’s Junior School caters to the needs of the individual.

The Essington School delivers the Australian Curriculum. As an Independent School, our advantage is that we can tailor our programs to meet mandated curriculum outcomes and therefore the needs of your young learner. This autonomy and freedom means we can truly cater for and respond to the needs of your child.

Our point of difference is that we have created a responsive learning program enabled by an increased focus on a flexible learning environment. We ensure that all core concepts are consolidated at year level before individualising our programs to suit the cohort and learner. This approach is designed to enrich your child's learning journey through their primary school journey in Darwin, identify potential opportunities for growth.

Essington's curriculum, commencing when your child enters Transition includes the core subjects of Mathematics, English, Science, Humanities, and Health, as taught by the classroom teacher. Creative Arts and project-based learning are taught by primary specialists in designated studio spaces.

Your child also has the opportunity to participate in a range of specialist programs including Music, Indonesian Language, Digital Technologies, Physical Education and Dance led by highly qualified specialist teachers.