Modern Montessori

Essington’s Kinder, Preschool and Pre-Transition programs are inspired by Modern Montessori. 

The philosophy behind Modern Montessori is that children are engaged in 'action learning'. 

The Essington School utilises a Modern-Montessori based approach to our Early Years programs, nurturing your child as they move through Kinder, Preschool and Pre-Transition.

As an individual your child is given the opportunity for independence and freedom to investigate the world around them. The environment is responsive to the developing needs of your growing child.

Inspired by the original aims of the founding Darwin families, the framework for our Early Years is based on the Modern Montessori approach to education. The philosophy prioritises providing a nourishing place for your child to investigate the world around them to become an active learner and develop at their own pace.

The focus is to develop oral languages, promote control and coordination, enhance and understand their senses, and provide hands-on experiences.

The Essington School is focused on the whole child. We are looking at developing your child to become confident and capable socially and emotionally, from their very first day with us.

By creating active learners, Modern Montessori helps your child to develop socially, emotionally, physically and cognitively.

The Preschool classrooms are a prepared learning environment that include specialised Montessori equipment for your child to navigate, explore and learn under the guidance of their teachers. Learning in a Montessori environment is fun and exciting, as the premise of this model of education is firmly entrenched in a child-centred approach.

Activities are carefully planned to provide your young learner with hands-on concrete experiences to internalise concepts.