Middle School and High School at Essington

Essington provides exceptional Middle School and High School opportunities to Darwin families.

Middle School 
Middle School, Years 7 to 9, is a time for personal growth at Essington as students start to take ownership in their own learning experience according to their interests, abilities and ambitions. Middle School students are offered a range of advancement and enrichment activities including in the Arts, Sports and exploring our unique environment through camps. 

Students are taught the skills and knowledge to help them fully participate and contribute to their world, while having their unique social, emotional and character needs met by our caring educators. We believe that teaching resilience and adaptability in Middle School is vital to your child's success as they transition into the Senior College and becoming an adult.

Senior College
The Senior College, for Years 10 onwards, takes an Essington education to the next level. Dedicated staff and flexible learning programs prepare senior students for the world beyond, delivering exceptional results within a caring and safe community. We offer a dynamic high school learning experience for your child, encouraging to extend themselves, with guidance and support from a dedicated team of educators. 

Students can build their own educational program as they work towards their future beyond Essington. As well as facilitating educational excellence, your child is encouraged to pursue co-curricular enrichment programs at Essington to support their personal development, growth and engagement with the community.  

To learn more about how Essington can make learning an adventure for your child, make an enrolment enquiry today.