Year 7 at Essington

Global thinking, Territory spirit

Year 7, as they transition from the Junior Years, is a period of great growth for your child. For the first time, exciting electives are offered and are taught, along with the core subjects, by specialist teachers. Students starts to develop the interests and skills they will take with them into their later high school years. At The Essington School, we bring together local expertise and global thinking to prepare our Middle School students to the highest level.

Camps, carnivals and co-curricular activities offered by Essington to Years 7 to 9 make learning an adventure and help students grow peer connections and develop confidence. All throughout the Middle School, Essington’s dedicated staff continues to support our students in a safe environment and through wellbeing programs – this caring environment helps students to be the best they can be.

Please note, there are limited Middle School places available for 2022 and 2023 so enquire today.

To discover more about how Essington’s Middle School can support your child, we invite you to read more about our programs Middle School (7-9).