Middle School (7-9)

Facilitating personal growth in Essington's Middle School.

The Middle School learning journey is focused on personal growth. Students are encouraged to become more independent and learn time management, leadership and organisational skills. Personalised learning is executed by assessing and identifying the needs of each students, reviewing and providing feedback to individual students.

This allows student to track their own progress and take ownership of their learning experience. It's at this age that our students start to think abut their lives beyond Essington, and the skills and knowledge they will require to participate and contribute to the world. Teaching our students to be resilient and adaptable adults is vital to their success.

Throughout Middle School, students are allocated a Homeroom teacher to provide stability and consistency. Subjects are taught by specialist Middle School teachers who continue to be guided by the Australian Curriculum. Year Level Coordinators develop strong relationships with students and ensure they feel safe, are encouraged and their unique social, emotional and character needs are met.

Middle School Philosophy

In a world where we anticipate that our students will live and work beyond the bounds of the Northern Territory it is important to impart skills and knowledge that allow them to fully participate and contribute to the world in which they live. 

In the Middle School years the students' learning journey is largely focused on their personal development. At this age it’s about the student as a person and their relationships with peers.