Why you should attend an Open Day at Essington

Feature Articles Tuesday, 11 Apr 2023

Schools are hosting Open Day events all over The Territory throughout the year, so why should you attend The Essington School’s Open Day?

Apart from being the leading school in the Northern Territory for over 30 years, achieving outstanding academic results every year and offering quality education from Preschool all the way through to Year 12… here is why you should attend an Open Day at Essington.

  1. You get to experience our school environment: Open Days are an opportunity to get a feel for the school and see if it is a good fit. You can explore our facilities, talk to teachers and students, and get a sense of the school's atmosphere.
  2. Learn about the programs and activities: Open Days are a great way to learn about the programs and activities available at Essington. You can ask questions, see demonstrations and presentations, and get a better understanding of what we have to offer.
  3. Meet the staff: Talking to teachers and staff is a great way to get a sense of Essington’s approach to education and to learn about our philosophy and values.
  4. Make informed decisions: Attending our Open Day is a great way to gather information and make informed decisions about your child’s education. You can see our school first-hand, ask questions, and get a better understanding of what we have to offer.

In conclusion, attending an Open Day event at The Essington School is a valuable opportunity to learn more about the school, its programs, and its community.