The Beginning of the End, welcome to Year 12 at Essington

Feature Articles Thursday, 10 Feb 2022

For all students, it's the start of a new year at Essington. For our new Transition students, this is their first year of Big School (formal education) and is a time of excitement and adventure. 

At the other end of the School, 2022 marks the beginning of the end, with our Third Year (Year 12) cohort entering their final year of secondary education at Essington's Senior College.

This is an important year for all Third Year students, whether they are wanting to move onto tertiary studies in the coming years or not, it marks the end of an era and flags their transition into the world beyond Essington.

We spoke to Ebencia, Garren and Mohid, to gain some understanding into how they are feeling about this year, what they are planning on studying and any great tips they've received so far that might help them navigate 2022.

"It feels a little unreal, to be honest. I've spent most of my life in school, and after November that's it. Who knows where all of us will end up after that."

— Mohid, Year 12
Q1. How are you feeling about entering your last year of Senior College?


Very excited, the last year of high school is always bittersweet, it's like the end of a chapter but at the same time it's also the beginning of a whole new story.  As a new student here at Essington, I was quite nervous about joining in the last year. But everyone here has just been super welcoming and kind that I feel way more confident and comfortable doing my last year of high school here.


A definite sense of excitement and dread at it all being over. I want to make the best of my last year giving back to the school, but I also can't wait to move onto the next more uniform/consistent chapter of life that I can control.


It feels a little unreal, to be honest. I've spent most of my life in school, and after November that's it. Who knows where all of us will end up after that.

Q2. What subjects are you taking this year?


I'm taking English, Math, Chemistry, Biology, and Health. 


I chose to do Stage 2 English Literary Studies, Mathematical Methods, and Specialist Mathematics, in tandem with a CERT III in ICT.


General Mathematics, English, Philosophy and Biology

Q3. What great tips have you received so far about getting through Third Year?


One great tip I heard was how to remain motivated throughout the school year. Obviously, Year 12 will get difficult at times and you may often feel like giving up. Which is why it's always important to not lose focus of what you're working towards.

I've found that when you keep your end goal in mind, envision where you want to be in a years' time and what kind of life you want to live, you're more likely to not want to give up and keep striving towards a career or future that you'd love.


Great pieces of advice I've heard are:

  • Always take care of yourself. Get a good balance of sleep and proper nutrition. Don't make these things schoolwork!
  • Don't fall behind on schoolwork (especially maths!)- it can lead to a real downward spiral of always trying to catch up, so stay on top of things. 
  • For my Year 12 cohort, although this year will be a year to remember, there are also other opportunities to try and other paths to travel. The road of life is never-ending!


Well, I've heard people tell me that Year 12 is "easy and I just need to get good grades" which is about as useful as it sounds.