Facility Upgrades

Feature Articles Monday, 09 May 2022

During the recent Term Break, Essington took the opportunity to carry out facility upgrades all around our campus.

Some highlights include the painting of Classrooms JS 19 – 24, new cabinetry storage and learning facilities, including new fridges generously donated by Graciela Pinheiro of Tropic Cleaning Services in Classrooms JS 1 – 4, repainting of the external walls of the JS buildings facing Rossiter St and the Rossiter St carpark thanks to Leo and Katerina Athanasiou of LKA Constructions, repainting of the Media Centre on Chapman Road, the transformation of the Tech Classroom into a new Food Tech Classroom and new air conditioning units that have been installed in EEC 4, JS A1, Transition 2 and 5 and the Music Room. This work is in addition to the works carried out earlier in the year, which included Middle School Classrooms MS 1 – 7 and JS 1 – 10 being painted and new vinyl flooring in MS 1 – 6 and JS 1 – 10.