Essington's online Parent Portal now available to all families!

Feature Articles Thursday, 10 Mar 2022

Keep connected with The Essington School community, Essington Connect for parents is now live.

This week we were delighted to launch Essington Connect for parents. Essington Connect is our Learning Management System and Community Portal. It will become our primary means of communicating and sharing information with parents.

Check your registered school contact email account for the Welcome to Essington Connect emails sent out on Monday 7 March 2022. They contain all that you need to set up your account and get connected.

We encourage you to download our Essington Connect app on your mobile phone. This is a convenient way of keeping up with what is happening for your students at Essington.

If you need help with Essington Connect please feel free to contact ICT Support on email or our hotline 7913 8159 between 8am and 4pm school days.

Online ZOOM and face-to-face sessions have been available to all families, to introduce you to the portal, and provide advice on getting set up. A recorded session will be sent out for all families unable to make the ZOOM or in-person sessions.

You can also access the Essington Connect portal via the QUICKLINKS bar at the top of our school website.

Essington Connect - QUICKLINKS