Our Commitments and Priorities

Our Philosophical Commitments

Inspiring Bold Thinking

Essington’s exceptional academic framework and learning support seeks to prepare students to the highest level for the world beyond the classroom. We embrace a common culture of ‘inspired learning’ to put the needs of the students at the very centre of all our thoughts and actions.

Essington is a school that delivers unrivalled academic success, a comprehensive wellbeing program and enrichment programs to help students achieve their goals. We inspire our community to discover a passion for learning and aim for the highest levels of achievement. We are pioneers at heart who are motivated by bold and global thinking and guided by local expertise. 

Motivating Students

At Essington, we take an adaptive approach to education to support our students on their educational journey. We understand that every child from Kindergarten to Year 12 is motivated differently and that their interests vary. We strive to ensure they have the opportunities and encouragement to develop their passions, whatever they may be.

The range of learning opportunities and individualised programs are designed to suit the learner. Identifying and nurturing each child’s unique talents fuels creativity and imagination, motivating the next generation to be the best they can be.

Meaningful Relationships

We recognise every child should be known and understood as an individual, and the strength of their relationships encourages them to genuinely engage in their learning experience. In building meaningful connections between educators and students, we will empower your child to be original thinkers and express themselves within a safe and caring environment. Learning becomes an adventure when students are inspired to engage and grow.

Teachers develop genuine rapport with students. Specialist wellbeing programs help students create meaningful relationships with their community, demonstrating genuine respect and kindness for others, and with their peers, helping each other to thrive.

A Vibrant Community

At Essington we celebrate the diversity of the Northern Territory. Created for the community, by the community, we embrace all nationalities and backgrounds as part of our vibrant culture. Parents, students, and staff share in the opportunities and benefits of a diverse Essington family with shared values

We offer parents and students avenues for their voice to be heard. This is a founding principle for the school and paramount to Essington’s continued success. Our families are always encouraged to invest in the future of the School and actively connect with us and each other.  

We are dedicated to improving your child’s education at Essington.

Our Strategic Priorities

Deliver quality teaching and best practice learning

To meet the learning and wellbeing needs of our students to improve student outcomes, we will ensure all resources are purposefully utilised to deliver quality teaching and best practice learning.

Acknowledging that quality teaching does not happen in isolation, we are committed to a culture of continuous professional development, of collaborative support between students and teachers to reinforce best practice learning and the use of research-based teaching practices. 

Empower staff voice as a respected view

By supporting and empowering staff, Essington will build a strong collegial culture in which we assume a shared responsibility for student learning, development, and success. The ongoing improvement of skills and teaching among all staff will be expected and actively supported.

Staff collaboration and self-reflection will be embedded in policies and programs, while leadership teams will encourage and create opportunities for feedback both to and from teachers to support their development.

Value student voice through seeking feedback

Students who are encouraged within a supportive school environment to share their unique perspectives on learning, teaching, and schooling are engaged in the classroom, school and community and take ownership in their learning. Encouraging student voice develops critical thinking, negotiation skills and builds confidence, creating a positive learning climate.

We will ask all students to take responsibility in shaping their own education by asking questions, sharing ideas and opinions, negotiating learning goals and contributing as student leaders. We will actively promote opportunities for students to provide feedback to their teachers and the School.

Nurture a positive collaborative culture

At Essington, we believe every student is capable of successful learning. In building a culture of mutual trust and support among teachers, leaders, and parents, we will establish a learning environment that is safe, respectful, tolerant, and inclusive.

Our learning framework has the wellbeing of students at its core. A shared understanding and strong sense of belonging and collaboration among parents, students and staff will be built through transparency, clear communication and respect for data and feedback.