Graphic Organisers

Graphic Organisers are a pictorial or graphical way to organise information and thoughts for understanding, remembering, or writing about. Graphic organisers are powerful tools that can be used to enhance learning and create a foundation for learning.

There are a variety of graphic organisers suitable for all ages including...

  • Venn Diagrams - work for the comparison of two or more things, it allows for clear visualisation of similarities and differences.
  • Data Grid, Matrix, Table - a table layout with headings to allow for easy recording of notes in various cells/boxes.
  • Tree Diagram - organises things into groups then smaller groups.
  • Flow Diagram - words and pictures are organised/recorded sequentially.
  • Timeline - tool for establishing chronological order.
  • Web Diagram - shows relationships between events, objects and people.
  • Storyboard - series of snapshots of important stages of development.
  • Story Map - plots sequentially the main events in a story.

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