Our Alumni

Congratulations to Our 2017 Alumni Students 

Congratulations to our 2017 Year 12 Graduates who were awarded Alumni Awards acknowledging their 10+ years as students of The Essington School Darwin.

Our Alumni Students

The following students have been awarded Alumni Awards in recognition of their 10+ years as students of The Essington School Darwin during the life of the school: 

Mo Adigun  Jack Adlam  Yiannis Alexopoulos  Zara Antonino 
Max Ascione  Helena Bammant  Kaelan Bates  Lachlan Bates 
Amy Bottolsfen  Erin Boyd  Kacy Brennan  Maddison Brown 
Quaid Carter Adam Chilcott Luke Chilcott  Jake Christian 
Jacana Connors Micthell Copley  Zoe Cork  Adam Cundy 
Kathleen Davey  Benjamin Davis  Zach Davis  Jack Day 
Roman Delo  Cooper Dorbor  Lucy Edwards  Fletcher Ellis 
Lachlan Ellis  Georgia English  Sana Farshidi  Katrina Fritz 
Kaila Gordon  Harrison Grice  Liam Griffen  Shona Griffen 
Renee Guesnon  Elizabeth Halikos  Aaron Halliwell  Grace Halliwell 
Liam Hardcastle  Jack Henning  Clinton Howe  Samantha Huyer 
Max Jagla  Meagan Johnston  Monique Joyce  Emanuel Kamitsis 
Alexander Kilburn  Darryn Kilian  Lucy Kuhn  Molly Langford 
Madison La Pira  Dylan Lawrence  Felisha Lay  Melody Lay 
Kaelan Marshall  Alexander Materazzo  Hannah McCourt  Maddison McCourt 
Kiran McLaren  Patrick McLaren  Taara McLaren  Kimberley Mears 
Chelsea Mudge  Stevie Nibbs  Alexander Norman  Ashley Norman 
Connor Nutton  Coco O'Halloran   Ashton Ong   Jessica Osborne  
Ryley Park   Adam Parry  Rachael Pen-Dennis  Michael Pham
Jackson Phillips   Samantha Playford  Shaye Quinlan Kurt Ramjam 
Zac Ramjam  Darcy Roberts  Jake Roberts  Jack Ryan 
Daniel Scullion  Sarah Scullion  Lani Shepherd  Jordin Siebert 
Kristin Smith  Monique Smith  Nelson Sonntag  Alessandro Spadaccini 
Giuliano Spadaccini  Amy Stirrup  Laura Stirrup  Alexander Storey 
Georgia Storey  Jacqueline Sudholz  Kira Sullivan  Adele Swan 
Cameron Sweet  Harrison Sweet  Ari Taulelei  Demi Tcha 
Leon Tcha  Caitlin Temple  Rachelle Tinning  Jana Tumuls 
Markus Tumuls  Jax Ward  Mitch Ward  Risa Watanabe 
Ashley Watson  Frederick Webb  Rachel Williamson  Laura Wilson 
David Woodhead  Zelma Woodhead  Kerbie-Leanne Woodward  Natasha Woodward 
Ryan York-Morris       

We are always pleased to hear from you and share your news about what you are doing with our other alumni. To allow us to add information about you on to this our Alumni section, please email this to alumni@essington.nt.edu.au telling us your latest news and, if possible, include a recent photo of yourself (or several photos for us to select from). We will need your return email address and a current phone number in case we need to check information with you. We are happy to pass on messages to other alumni as requested.

All the best,

David Cannon


Irena attended Essington from 1997 until 2008. She then attended Casuarina Senior College to complete her education. She has recently married and has her own business in health called “Greenwithirena” as she has studied Naturopathy and nutrition. Irena also works in her parents Construction business and still lives in Darwin. 

Jake Roberts studied at Essington all his life until he graduated in 2014. Since leaving school, Jake is studying Nursing at Charles Darwin University and is in his final year. He also works as a part time life guard and still lives in Darwin.

Harrison ROBERTS 
Harrison studied at Essington School since 2003 and he finished in Year 10 in 2009 and went onto work in the mines in WA for Fortescue Metals. He currently lives in Perth. 

Chris went to Essington School from October 1992 until Year 10 in January 2002. He completed his schooling at Darwin High in Grade 12. Chris still lives in Darwin where he currently works for Northern Australian Civil as a Manager and is also known as Chris “Willow” Wilson from the Outback Wrangler television series. Chris has just celebrated the birth of his first child Ted. 

Lahtina CARCURO 
Lahtina attended Essington from August 1999 to Year 10 in 2007. Lahtina still lives in Darwin and has two small children. She works at Affordable Garden Centre as well as running her own photography business called LC Photography. 

Arran moved to Canberra for university. He has worked in science journalism, science teaching, and the tech industry. He recently spent a year designing and developing a new type of robotic telescope mount for astrophotography, and is currently working for a company managing distributed databases. Outside of work, he has hiked 350 kilometers of the Camino Santiago, led a trip to Everest Base camp, and learned how to swing dance. 

Alex started school in January 1996 and left in Grade 10 in 2007. Alex is currently living in London, he has been working as a gardener at an exclusive members club called The Hurlingham club.

Adam Parry studied at Essington from 1994 until December 2005. He then completed his final years at Casuarina Senior College as the school did not do Year 11 & 12 then. Since leaving school, Adam has studied and graduated in Chemical Engineering at the University of Queensland and is currently working at VISY as a Process Engineer making paper out of yellow waste bins. 

Shona Griffen attended Essington from preschool until Year 8. She then left to go to Kormilda College to complete Year 12. Shona is currently studying Communication Design in Queensland and she works for The Exhibitionist in Darwin as a Graphic Artist when she returns to Darwin. 

Laura Farmer attended Essington from 1999 until 2002 due to her family relocating to Cairns. She completed her Higher School Education and is now working as a Contractor to various farms/stations throughout the Northern Territory and remote Queensland. She is an expert horsewoman and has recently become engaged.

Kurt attended Essington from Preschool until the end of Year 9 before moving to Casuarina Senior College for his final years. Following school, Kurt had a gap year in Darwin to save for uni. Kurt then went on to Charles Sturt University in Wagga Wagga for 2 years to study the acting for screen and stage bachelor (from 2013-2014). Kurt then got into NIDA, therefore moved to Sydney and started his 1st year at NIDA in 2015 and is now in his final year at NIDA.

Kurt also worked casually at the After School Care Program over the past 5 years.

Laura Wilson – before
(commencing Preschool)
Laura Wilson – now (at her wedding)

Laura Wilson started at The Essington School Darwin in Preschool and continued through to Year 10. Laura graduated in a Bachelor Exercise Science at the end of 2011 from Griffith University, Gold Coast. She is currently continuing her studies and is doing a Masters of Physiotherapy at Griffith University. This is her fourth year of living on the Gold Coast.

Harry Martin - before
(commencing Transition)
Harry Martin - now
The Essington School Darwin, 1991 – 2001

Commenced at the Essington Montessori pre-school in 1991 at the Greek School campus, progressing through junior and middle schools until the end of Year 7. Awarded a Bachelor of Science at University of Queensland in 2009 and commenced at the Graduate Medical School, Wollongong University, in 2011 and is currently in second year.


  • Hockey - represented UQ
  • Rowing - first at Queensland State titles, 2009
  • Cycling, running, swimming

Now based in Brisbane but living in Wollongong with partner and fellow medical student, Karyn Avery.

Rachael Pen-Dennis today Rachael in Junior School -
drawing horses back then!

Rachael started in Preschool at The Essington School Darwin and, with the exception of Year 4, continued all the way through to Year 10.Since leaving Essington and completing Year 12, Rachael has danced for Tracks Dance Company, represented Sky City as one of their V8's Super Car Grid Girls, and taught horse riding at Darwin Horse and Pony Club. Rachael has put most of her spare time into training and competing in the Equestrian sports’ Dressage and Mounted Games. In these games she has represented the Northern Territory at a number of National events, and also represented Australia at the Mounted Games in 2010. Rachael is currently working for the NT Police in Drug and Specialist Crime. This year she commences a Bachelor of Business and Event Management at university.

Rachael at gymnastics - can you
recognise her friends?
Rachael at Middle School House
sports - and friends
Rachael at gymnastics with friends -
can you recognise anyone?