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Typing Games

Barracuda Typing
Typer Shark
Typing Bubbles
Goalie Typing
FunSchool Typing Game
Typing Tutor Game
Game Aquarium Typing Games

Online Typing Lessons:

  • Learn 2 Type - Free online speed tests and tutorials. Students can get a login and password so their progress can be tracked.
  • Mr Kent Typing Tutor - Online typing tutorials and free typing test.
  • Power Typing - Online speed typing drill and test.
  • Peter Online Typing Course - Here you\'ll find a set of free online typing lessons and typing exercises for beginning typists, and frustrated hunt-and-peckers who want to move from four-finger typing to full-blown touch typing.
  • Good Typing - Free online typing course.
  • Touch Typing - Free online program that lets you exercise and learn Touch Typing.
  • Krazy Keyboarding for Kids - Set of 16 typing tutorials.
  • Keyboarding Basics Quiz - Online quiz with basic questions about the keyboard, punctuation, and correct posture.

Typing Software:


Brain Bashers
Interactive Mathematics
Dr Math: Classic Problems
Interactive Stroop Effect
Archimedes Lab
Logical Art and The Art of Logic
Free Brain Teasers
Brain Teasers
Math Brain Teasers
Technology Problems of the Week
Math Problems, Puzzles, Tips and Tricks
Brain Teasers and Math Puzzles
Worldbook: Mindbender Cave
Squigly Brain Teasers
Mother Goose Caboose Brain Teasers
Erich's Puzzle Palace
Brain Teasers

More Games and Puzzles

Tangrams - Kidscom
Holiday Tangram - Kidscom
Slide Puzzle - Kidscom
Brain Teasers and Math Puzzles - Syvum
Puzzle Choice Crosswords
AIMS Puzzle Corner
Puzzles and Riddles - The Contest Center
The Idiom Connection
The Problem Site
National Geographic World Games
CyberChase: The Quest
Quiz Hub
Up To Ten
Eduplace Games
Arcade Village
Kids Psych

Authors Online

Beatrix Potter - Check out the World of Peter Rabbit!!
Roald Dahl- Let Matilda take you on a journey around this site!
Mem Fox - The home of 'Possum Magic'!
JK Rowling - Keep up to date with the latest on Harry Potter!
Anthony Horowitz - Keep up with the adventures of Alex Rider!!
Judy Blume - All about the author of 'Freckle Juice'
Libby Hathorn - Check out the latest books by Judy.
Paul Jennings - Join Paul and Rascal at this site!
Morris Gleitzman - Check out 'Aristotle's Nostril'
Andy Griffiths - Check out Andy's fun books here!
Margaret Clark - Author of 'Aussie Bites' Series!
Eric Carle - Check out the 'Very Hungry Caterpillar'
John Marsden - Information about John and his books on the Pan MacMillan's site.
Babette Cole - Read about 'Princess Smartypants'
CS Lewis - Remember Narnia?
Colin Thompson - Read about Colin's books here!
Molly Bang - Why not visit Molly's fun site!
Libby Gleeson - Find out about Libby and her books here!
Jackie French - You'll love the Wombat diary!
Emily Rodda

English Activities Online

Animals, Myths and Legends - Lots of stories to read.
Kids Space - Fun place where you can share your work with others.
Literacy Centre ABC's - Lots of games for little people.
Planet Ozkids - Meet a dragon, read stories and play games.

Poetry Online

Giggle Poetry - you'll love the poetry on this site!!
Kristine O'Connell George's Children's Poetry Corner

English Skills Practice Online

Literacy Centre ABC's - Lots of games for little people.
Words and Pictures - BBC
Sadler-Oxford Student Activity Centre

Spelling Games

Spin and Spell - Great spelling game!
Match the Words Game

Stories Online

Anderson Fairy Tales
Between the Lions - has games too!
Children's Story Books Online - you get to choose the adventure!!
Fairy Tale Land - Come listen to your favourite fairy tales.
Grimm Fairy Tales
Kid Wizard - There are spells and potions here!!!
The Nativity Kit - learn about the story behind Christmas.
Story Place - the home of digital stories!!
Story Time - with the Berenstain Bears!!
Wacky Web Tales
The Adventurous Bunny and Easter Island
Alice in Wonderland

Reading Activities

Book Adventure
Learn to Read
Storyline Online
Reading Room Games - Adrian Bruce

Maths Activities Online

Maths Cats
Cool Maths 4 Kids
Maths Interactivities
Math Playground
Adrian Bruce - Maths Games and Resources
BBC - Numeracy Games
PBS Kids - Cyberchase
Rainforest Maths - (Highly Recommended!!!)
A+ Math
SBG Maths
NCTM - Illuminations
Maths Starter of the Day

Space Games

Paper Models of Polyhedra - There are more than eighty paper models available to print out for free.
Math Forum - Tangram Resources - Lots of links to games and activities about Tangrams.
Levitated - Interesting site!! Lots of interesting visuals!!
Shape and Space in Geometry - lots of activities and information for all ages.
Fractals - A site exploring fractals.

Number Games

Multiplication Games Online - Interactive multiplication games.
The Largest Known Primes -Within the Maths world people are always looking for the largest known prime number. Find out what the current one is here.
GIMPS - Search for Mersenne Primes - The 39th known Mersenne Prime found!
The Mint - lots of activities and resources about money - aimed at Middle School
Eric Weisstein's World of Mathematics - lots of mathematical facts and activities geared for Middle School students.
Project Interactive - some great interactive activities, covering all aspects of Mathematics, aimed at Middle School students.

Working Mathematically

Mathematics Fun,Fiction,Function,Fantasy - A site full of fractals by Lifesmith.
Famous Problems in the History of Mathematics - great site for Middle School students.
Questacon - Challenging problems online.
Education Place - Brain Teasers - Weekly problems posted.
Maths Forum - Internet Scavenger Hunt - Online Maths quiz.
The Ultimate Puzzle Site - Basic Puzzles

Measurement Games

Time and Date - Work out Timezones and Calendars.
Create a Graph - site where children can construct graphs and print them out

Science Activities Online
Infrared Zoo
Yucky Gross & Cool Body
Try Science
Optics for Kids
ZOOM Science
Questacon Fun Zone
Brain Pop
The Lab
BBC Science News
The Science Explorer
Amusement Park Physics
Beyond 2000
Colour Matters
Exploring Leonardo
Sea and Sky
FT Exploring Science
Extreme Science
Surfing Scientist


The Atoms Family
Theatre of Electricity


Matter - Easy to understand explanation of the states of matter.

Children's Science

The Franklin Institute Science Museum
The Smithsonian Institute Home Page
Discovery Online
Helping Your Child Learn Science - US Dept of Education
The Field Museum. Visit Chicago's science museum and see the collection of art, archaeology, science and history.
Zoom Astronomy - Lots of information about the sun, the moon, the planets, asteroids, comets and stars. Calculate your age and weight on other planets!
Starchild: A Learning Center for Young - Click on Level1 (easier) or Level2 (harder) to find lots of space information from NASA.
Sunrise, Sunset, Moonrise, Moonset, and Twilight - Find exact times for rising and setting anywhere in the world. View phase of the moon for any date and time.

Life and Living Things

eNature - Search field guides for information on plants and animals.
Exploratorium - Visit the famous San Francisco science museum. Many interactive exhibits.
Journey North - Participate in a global study of wildlife migration and seasonal change. Click on Spring's Journey North to find information about animal and bird migrations as well as other signs of spring.
National Wildlife Federation's Kids' Page - Find out how the water cycle works . . . test your knowledge of wetlands . . . investigate endangered species and explore different types of public lands.
World Wildlife Fund
Katerpillars (and Mystery Bugs) - Information and activities about bugs. Be sure to check out Bug Food!
Florida Aquarium
New England Aquarium
Weird Frog Facts - Learn strange but true facts about frogs and toads.
Peterson Online Birds.