The Essington International School Darwin Ltd. Board

To contact our School Board, please:

*email or

*mail to P.O. Box 42321, Casuarina NT 0811

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The School is owned and run by a limited liability non-profit company formed in 1999 from the previous Registered Association set up when the School was first founded in 1989.

The School is managed by a Board of Directors of The Essington International School Darwin Ltd. The Board represents parents, teachers and the wider community. Members are elected for a two year term at the Company’s Annual General Meeting.

The Board meets regularly at the school and consists of five committees:

  • Education Committee 
  • Finance: Audit and Risk Committee 
  • Remuneration Committee
  • Governance Committee
  • Growth Assets & Building Committee
  • School Community Engagement Committee

The Committees meet regularly to discuss matters specific to their areas, and recommend policy and direction to the Board.

From time to time special committees or working parties are formed to provide advice to the Board on specific issues or projects.

The Board sets policy, monitors its implementation and appoints the Principal/CEO. The Board develops a three year Strategic Plan that sets the goals for the school over a three year period and regularly review progress towards the implementation of this Strategic Plan. The current Strategic Plan is for 2016-2019.

The operational management of the school is vested in the Principal/CEO who is responsible to the Chairperson of the Board. The Principal/CEO is a Director of The Essington International School Darwin Ltd.

The School has two subsidiary wholly owned non profit companies: The Essington Early Childhood Centre Pty. Ltd., and The Essington Foundation Ltd. The Essington Early Childhood Centre Pty. Ltd. operates the School’s community child care centre at Rapid Creek, The Essington Early Childhood Centre, Rapid Creek. The Essington Foundation Ltd. owns The Essington Early Childhood Centre at Rapid Creek and its purpose is to raise funds to secure the long term viability of the school. The Board of Directors of these two companies comprise members of the School Company and the Principal/CEO.