Our Parents



Written communication is required from parents/guardians to explain absenteeism for all Preschool, Primary and Secondary students.

Parents/Guardians are also encouraged to telephone the Office in the morning to notify the class teacher of a child's absence.


  • Lunchtime for the Early Learning Unit and Junior School is from 11:55am to 12:35pm.
  • Children are supervised whilst eating their lunch from 11:55am to 12:10pm.
  • Lunchtime for the Middle School is from 12:40pm to 1:10pm
  • Children can place their lunches brought from home in the school refrigerators.

After School Care and Holiday Care programs

The Essington International School Darwin offers After School Care and Holiday Care programs, which are operated in line with the general ethos of the school. Whenever possible, these aims expand the experiential opportunities for the children.

After School Care is provided from 2:25pm to 5:30pm Monday to Friday.

The Holiday Care program is provided during school holiday times.

These programs offer a safe and stimulating environment for your children. The children are involved in a variety of activities such as Art/Craft/Games and Sport. Many out of school activities, such as skating and a trip to the movies occur during the Holiday Care program.

The program is run from the After School Care centre located at The Essington International School Darwin. Families wishing to register their child with either of these services can do so at the Office.


On agreement with the class teacher, medicines can be brought to school and administered to a child on the WRITTEN authority of a parent.

Medicines, including Asthma sprays/pumps, should be named and include all relevant instructions


Junior School assembly is held on a Friday morning at 8:25am - 9:00am, and Middle School from 9:20am - 10:05am in the Assembly area. Assembly items are advertised in the weekly newsletter.


A school newsletter (The Essington Weekly Bulletin) is produced weekly during term times. The Weekly Bulletin keeps parents/guardians informed if school matters, and is an important communication link between home and school. Therefore we ask you to take the time to read it each week. The Weekly Bulletins are published online under Weekly Bulletin (hard copies are also available from our Reception areas).

Parents’ Access to Students

It will be assumed that both parents and guardians will have access to pick up their child unless the school is notified in writing of limited access or child custody cases. Written notification will be required if anyone other than a parent/guardian is collecting your child from school. If you need to collect your child from school during class time, his/her classroom teacher is to be notified.

Building Fund and Library Fund

The Essington International School Darwin has a building fund and a library fund registered with the Australian Taxation Office. All donations of $2 or more, to either fund, are tax deductible. Special receipts are issued for taxation purposes. New property less than twelve months old, with proof of value, (ie: sales dockets) are also allowable.

Physical Education

The Essington International School Darwin offers Physical Education and Sensory Motor programs. Children are asked to wear appropriate clothing and footwear for these programs. Classroom teachers will notify you on what days these programs take place.


The canteen operates on Mondays through Fridays and children can make purchases at recess and lunchtimes. Orders can also be made online through Canteen on our website.

Reporting to Parents

Classroom introductory meetings are held for all parents within the first few weeks of term one. This gives parents the opportunity to meet with the teacher who will outline strategies and routines used within the classroom. Parents are welcome to request individual interviews with teachers at any stage during the year.

During Term One, a brief interview is held with each parent. This gives parents an opportunity to discuss their child's progress with the class teacher.

During Term Two, a Three-way Conference is held between the parent, the child and the classroom teacher. The aim of this meeting is to collaboratively negotiate Student Goals.

During Term Three, a report regarding Student Goals is sent to parents.

In Term Four, a detailed report form is written by the classroom teacher. This report outlines the child's accomplishments and indicates the child's level of attainment on the developmental continuum of learning.

Cyclone Procedures

In the event of a cyclone parents must collect their children from school immediately following the 'Radio Broadcast Request'. Children can be collected directly from their classrooms. The classroom teacher must be informed that you have taken responsibility for your child.

See the Cyclone Procedure under Our Parents for more details.

Emergency Shelters

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School Times

Middle School Times
Home Group 8:25am - 8:35am
Period One 8:35am - 9:20am
Period Two 9:20am - 10:05am
Period Three 10:05am - 10:50am
Morning Tea 10:50am - 11:10am
Period Four  11:10am - 11:55am
Period Five 11:55am - 12:40pm
Lunch 12:40pm - 1:10pm
Period Six  1:10pm - 1:55pm
Period Seven  1:55pm - 2:35pm
Home Group 2:35pm - 2:40pm
Early Learning and Junior School Times
Morning Session
8:15am - 9:50am
Morning Tea
9:50am - 10:20am
Mid-Morning Session
10:25am - 11:55am
11:55am - 12:35pm
Afternoon Session
12:40pm - 2:25pm
Preschool Times
Morning Session
8:15am - 11:00am
Afternoon Session
12noon - 2:45pm

Entry into School

As a general rule, entry to The Essington International School Darwin is from the School Waiting List. This includes the Kindergarten, Preschool, Early Learning Unit, Junior School and Middle School. Children may be registered on the Waiting List at any time.

An Application for Registration should be completed and forwarded to the school together with the registration fee. A separate Application for Registration form is required for each child.

This is a non-refundable fee to cover administrative costs. This does not guarantee the child a place in a class.

Parents will be asked to complete a Child Profile Questionnaire on enrolment of their child.

Registration: Student Placement:

Except in the case of exceptional circumstances, the following placement preferences apply:

  • Siblings of students currently placed at the school - in order of date of application.
  • Registration for Early Learning Unit, Junior School and Middle School in order of date of application.
  • Registered for Kindergarten and Preschool only in order of date of application.

Student Representative Council

The Student Representative Council (SRC) is made up of two elected Presidents and two representatives from each class. The SRC meets on a weekly basis to discuss issues of concern to students and to provide a positive working relationship between staff and students.

Student Record Card

All children at The Essington International School Darwin must have a Student Record Form. There is certain emergency information which must be completed in the form eg: medical conditions, emergency contact numbers, etc. Please remember all information remains in the school, under strict confidence.

It is important that parents inform the school of any change of address, telephone number or emergency contact so that we can keep our records up to date.

Withdrawal of Students/ Leave of Absence Policy

The school operates on a budgetary assumption of full funding for 22 students per class (23 in Preschool). This means that unfilled places are a cost to the whole school community. For this reason, the school cannot hold places open for students at no cost to the family concerned. The following guidelines have been set up to support this.

  • All parents are required to give at least one term's notification of withdrawal from the school, otherwise full fees are payable. (This can be waived by the Principal in exceptional circumstances.
  • Where a student is to be absent long term, (ie: more than one year) full fees are payable to retain a guaranteed place. Alternatively, parents may opt to fill out an 'Intention to Return Form', which gives waiting list preference on re-registration. This option is only available where all outstanding fees have been paid prior to departure.
  • Where a student is absent for less than a year (but more than one term) full fees are payable unless previously arranged with the Principal.
  • Where a student is absent for part of a term, full fees are payable.


Throughout the year the children will attend a number of excursions outside the school. We encourage the children's involvement in these outings as they are an integral part of the educational program of The Essington School Darwin.

You will be notified in advance, in writing, when and where these excursions will take place. For each excursion, children must bring a signed Consent for Excursion form with payment in a named, sealed envelope.

Without this form, children cannot attend the excursion.


The Essington School Darwin has a 'Sun Smart' policy which promotes strategies that increase sun awareness and protection. One of the aims is to ensure that children are protected against the hazards of the sun during sport and recreation periods. Therefore, all children are required to wear a hat whilst in the sun. This includes Physical Education sessions, recess and lunch breaks.


Children should not be sent to school when they are sick. If a child becomes ill at school, we will place him/her in the Sick Room and contact you at the phone number given to us on the emergency form that you have filled in. Therefore, it is extremely important that these cards are kept up to date.

During a child's life at school it is possible that a child will contract some of the commom diseases of childhood.

The following table provided by NT Health Services shows how long you should keep your child at home:

Chicken Pox: Until fully recovered. NB Some remaining scabs are not an indication for continued exclusion.

Head Lice: Until treated with a recommended solution/shampoo

Impetigo: Until sores have fully healed. The child may be allowed to return provided that appropriated treatment is being applied and that sores on exposed surfaces, such as scalp, face, hands and legs are properly covered with occlusive dressings.

Measles: For at least seven days from the appearance of the rash or until a medical certificate of recovery is produced.

Ringworm: Until appropriate treatement has commenced and is supported by a medical certificate.

Rubella: Until fully recovered and at least four days from the onset of the rash.

Scarlet Fever: Until a medical certificate of recovery is produced.

Viral Hepatitis: Until a medical certificate of recovery is produced, or on subsidence of symptoms but not before seven days after onset of jaundice.

Whooping Cough: For four weeks or until a medical certificate of recovery is produced.

Immunisation Records

The Essington School Darwin is required by the Territory Health Services to maintain records of children's immunisations. By knowing these details the school can quickly identify children at risk of infection when diseases preventable by immunisation are present or suspected at the school.

Please provide a record of your child's immunisations to the Office at enrolment.

The school requires written proof of your child's immunisations. This can be:

  • A child's Personal Health Record with a signed and dated record of immunisations given and/or
  • Written details of immunisations from a Community Health/Care Centre, Aboriginal Medical Service, general practitioner or other health care worker using their letterhead and clearly stating the date each vaccine was given.

You will only need to provide this information once during the course of your child's enrolment at this school.

A child at five years of age will normally be considered up-to-date with their immunisations if they have had the following doses of vaccine:

  • 5 Triple Antigen (DTP)
  • 4 Polio
  • 1 Measles, Mumps and Rubella (MMR)
  • and at least 1 Hib.
  • Children born in the Northern Territory may have also had 3 doses of the hepatitis B vaccine.

This information has been supplied by the Territory Health Services.


Children may borrow books from The Essington School Darwin Library. Children are responsible for looking after the book and returning it by the due date. You are expected to pay for the replacement for any lost, misplaced or damaged books. All children are asked to supply a library bag to take books home in.

The Birthday Book Scheme was established in October 1986 as a means of building up the Library resources. Children are encouraged to donate a book on their birthday. This book will be inscribed with your child's name and birth date and they will be asked to present the book to the Librarian at an assembly.

Lost Property

All your child's belongings should be clearly labelled with your child's name. It is very helpful if bags, lunchboxes etc., are labelled on the outside, as often many children own belongings that look identical.

Any lost property can be claimed from the Lost Property Box located in the assembly area.

Lunch Orders

The canteen operates on Mondays through Fridays. Children are required to order their lunches through their classroom.

The following details should be written on a lunch order:

  • Name of child
  • Class
  • Order
  • Enclose correct money.

All lunch orders should be placed in the basket provided upon entering the classroom. 

Further Information

At The Essington School Darwin, we believe to continue to be a successful school, strong partnerships among the school staff, our parents, our students and the community in which we live and work, are important.

To help make the role of parenting just a little easier, we invite you to use the links on our parent section to find

  • information about our school
  • how you can assist your child at home, including homework
  • links to school policies and procedures
  • community parent support services
  • information about educational issues


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Immunise Australia Program - This site contains information about vaccinations. 

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Preschool Handbook

Years 1-5 Handbook

School Policies:

Behaviour Management Policy

Homework Policy

National Goals on Schooling Policy

Second Tier Policy

Sunsmart Policy

Sexual Harrassment Policy

Standards of Behaviour at Social Function

Federal Privacy Laws and The Essington School Darwin

Nut Free Policy

Policy for the Use of Mobile Phones at School


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