Outdoor Education

The Outdoor Education Program at The Essington School Darwin is integral to the school’s overall objective of holistic education. Students from Year Three attend camps at various sites and follow outdoor education programs appropriate to their age, interests and needs. Where possible these activities are seen as part of a sequential program designed to allow students to utilise and extend knowledge, skills and attitudes developed in previous years. The program is designed to encourage personal development through building self-esteem and confidence while enriching social skills. Our students have had the opportunity to participate in programs at the following Outdoor Education camps:

  • Batchelor Outdoor Education Camp: Activities include canoeing, bushwalking, archery, ropes course, games, etc.
  • Lake Bennett: Activities include canoeing, rock-climbing, initiative games, archery, swimming, volleyball, soccer etc.
  • Jabiru Peaks: Activities included bushwalking, ropes course, games, rock-climbing, abseiling etc

Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Scheme

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Scheme emphasises challenge, personal achievement, co-operation and leadership and leads to the Award at Bronze, Silver or Gold. Students are encouraged to complete the Bronze Award by the end of Year 9 or 10, and the Silver Award by the end of Year 10 or Year 11. The completion of the Award counts as 10 points towards a student’s NT Certificate of Education and Training (NTCET). The Award Scheme is open to students 14 years of age or upwards. All Year 9 and 10 students join this scheme and meet regularly with the School’s coordinator, Shaun Theiber.

To complete an Award a student must satisfy the requirements in each of the following sections:

  • Service: Training and practical work in helping others
  • Expeditions: Theoretical and practical training to enable safe journeying in the countryside.
  • Skills: Discovery and development of personal interests and social and practical skills.
  • Physical Recreation: Participation and improvement of performance.

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Scheme is an integral part of the School’s Outdoor Education Program in the Middle School.