Essington Cannons Basketball Club

(Uniforms available from The Essington International School Darwin Uniform Shop)
  • part of the school wide strategy of developing a sports extension program in line with international school sports programs
  • to be one of six targeted international sports being developed and nurtured at The Essington International School Darwin
  • to develop Essington basketball teams (girls and boys) to play in the Darwin Basketball Association competition
  • to include a elite program targeting selected students (girls and boys) to extend their skills in basketball to a high standard to compete internationally and nationally
  • to provide a positive self esteem enhancement program for students
  • build sporting links with the Darwin community, and schools and Basketball Associations in Asia


  • commence in early February for a trial program of 12 months
  • occur after school hours including Saturdays
  • to participate in the community sporting competition
  • may include performance trips in coming years to participate with schools in Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Japan, Singapore and India or interstate
  • to include mainly Essington students but also open, on application to non-Essington students
  • to be part of The Essington School Darwin’s sporting program and coordinated by the Director of Community and Elite Sports who reports directly to the Principal/CEO of The Essington School Darwin