Front Office

Our Front Office provides a great deal of information and many services to our students, parents, teachers, and members of public. Information about all aspects of the school including enrollment information, activities and letters sent home, school bus routes, and financial services. The Front Office also accepts all deliveries made to the school. Visitors must first report to the front office before accessing the school. All enquiries regarding the Essington Medical Centre should be directed to the Centre (located off Chapman Road between the Junior School building and the Computer Centre). Our student First Aid Centre (Sick Bay), is also located at the Essington Medical Centre and is accessible from the Canteen side of the Medical Centre. 

You can contact the front office on:

Telephone: (08) 89 85 0100
Fax: (08) 89 48 1910
Absentee Line: (08) 89 85 0150